Why bother to make music?
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Why bother to make music?

November 1, 2018

“Why bother to make music when the silence and the wind are so much larger?”

This line from the WWII novel All the Light We Cannot See often comes to my mind in the face of tragedy.

As an artist, why bother? What does it matter if I sing a song, or paint a picture, or write a poem? What difference can my art, our art, possibly make in a world so full of violence, fear, uncertainty?

I have come to believe — deeply, passionately — that the arts, and music particularly, are THE power that can resist the metaphoric silence and wind.

The power of music is personal growth. It is young people writing poems and songs that reflect their unique experiences, in programs that create safe spaces for youth to process their own struggles.

The power of music is community. It is collaborations between artists of diverse backgrounds and traditions finding common language through music, celebrating the importance of communication and mutual respect.

The power of music is empathy. It is commissioning new music that invites artists and audiences to think outside-the-box, become aware of different perspectives, engage in listening and learning.

The power of music is change. It is amplifying voices that might not otherwise be heard, empowering young people to engage in their communities, lighting sparks that lead to change.

The power of music is the ability to not just reflect the world as it is, but to imagine the world as it could be.

Sing on, friends, sing on.

Melinda Steffy
Executive Director

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