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WCL April Spotlight Artist: Quiet Hollers
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WCL April Spotlight Artist: Quiet Hollers

April 10, 2018
by Tate Kamish

Quiet Hollers formed in Louisville around the songwriting of singer/guitarist Shadwick Wilde, who originally formed the group with the idea of playing only one show—the CD release of his solo effort, Unforgivable Things, in 2010. The group’s debut, I Am the Morning, followed in 2013. Two more well-received records later, the alt-country group is coming to World Cafe Live for a night in the Spotlight with Motel Radio on 4/19!

You can find out a bit more about Quiet Hollers below, and RSVP for FREE the show here.

The following questions were answered by frontman, Shadwick Wilde.

Why did you originally plan on only playing one show (your CD release show)?

I had recorded a solo album, and I thought I should put together a band to play the CD release party… there was really no plan behind that. This was 2010, so people were still saying “CD release party.” We went by “Shadwick Wilde & the Quiet Hollers” and eventually shortened the name to Quiet Hollers to fit better on top of all those marquees [self-deprecating laugh].

How did you then go on to form your current group?

My ride-or-die, Aaron West, has been with us from the beginning— the fateful CD release show. Jim Bob Brown and I worked at a bar together, and he’s been with us since 2013. Rafael Freitas on drums and Trent Russelburg on bass are joining us on tour for the first time. Fingers crossed they stick around!

How do you think recording an isolated cabin in the woods influenced your latest album, Amen Breaks?

I honestly can’t say. There’s a feeling of paranoia, or maybe impending doom throughout the record I think. Some people might feel tranquility or peace and quiet in a place like that. For me it’s more anxiety and loneliness.

Who is an artist that you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to do a track with Danny Brown. I love his music, and every collaboration I see from him is so choice. He keeps it so uncomfortably real. Something I aspire to.