Top 10 List, 10th Anniversary Edition
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Top 10 List, 10th Anniversary Edition

October 2, 2018

Dear friend,

As we’re launching LiveConnections’ 10th Anniversary season, I have become a little obsessed with the number 10.

10 years as a milestone of organizational success.

The power of 10 as a metaphor for exponential impact.

Top 10 lists as a fun way to organize information.

To that end, here’s my list of the 10 best things (in no particular order) about the year ahead.

I hope you’ll celebrate with us!

Melinda Steffy
Executive Director

P.S. We’re also thrilled to be one of 10 organizations in Philadelphia selected for Aetna’s Voices of Health campaign. VOTE FOR US every day from now through November 9 to help us win $20,000!

Top 10 List, 10th Anniversary Edition


Boosting learning & sparking joy through our educational Bridge Sessions.


Showcasing the best of LiveConnections at our 10th Anniversary Big Hurrah on November 12.


Celebrating music of/by/about women and girls at our December 9 concert featuring Joanna Pascale & Sister Cities Girlchoir.


Telling our story through a brand new website, with improved program info, artist profiles and ADA functionality.


Welcoming people with diverse abilities through our “A Song Everyone Can Sing” initiative, which culminates in a big inclusive Community Sing featuring VOCES8 on March 10.


Amplifying student voices through our third year of songwriting and music production in collaboration with Hill-Freedman World Academy.


Giving immigrant and refugee teens an opportunity to tell their stories through our “Immigrant Songs” program, in partnership with HIAS PA.


Empowering students through drumming at our after-school percussion ensemble at F. Amedee Bregy School.


Bridging American, European, African and Latin American traditions with the adventurous Imani Winds on May 3.


Doing it all with this team, who makes the magic happen…

[L-R: Mary Javian, Daquisha Jones, David Bradley, Melinda Steffy, Blair Bodine, Jacinda Arellano]

…and these artists (and more), who make the MUSIC happen.

[LC images: Conrad Erb Photography & Jaci Downs Photography]