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Rhythmic Body
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Rhythmic Body

Recommended For: Grades 4-12; Adults with disabilities; Corporate team-building


Lela Aisha Jones, movement artist; Alex Shaw, percussion; Kwasi Burgee, percussion; Anssumane Silla, percussion, dance

Length: 75 minutes

Related Subjects: Music, History, World Cultures

Looks at intersections of movement and rhythm across the African diaspora through polyrhythms, Brazilian capoeira, West African dance and hip-hop.

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Curriculum Resources

Bridge Sessions easily intersect with state standards for music education, as well as standards for many other classroom subjects. Although no advance preparation is necessary to attend, we encourage teachers to connect Bridge Sessions back to your classrooms. Please contact us if any additional information would be helpful.

Musical Genres
West African, Latin, hip-hop

Djembe, joun joun, berimbau, repinique, agogô, surdo

Music You’ll Hear
Clave rhythms (Salsa, Bo Diddley, samba reggae, hip-hop)

Key Vocabulary
African diaspora
Generations, geographies and cultures


  • Demonstration of dances/rhythms from Western African, including campone and sorsonet
  • Introduction to the instruments and movements of the Brazilian martial art capoeira
  • Showing how music has evolved across the African diaspora as it has cross generations, geographies and cultures
  • Looking at the influence of West African dance and drumming on hip-hop
  • Community, collaboration