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On Making Space
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On Making Space

September 9, 2019

Dear friends,

At the beginning of August, LiveConnections hosted the 8th year of our Percussion Studio summer camp. Percussionists Alex Shaw and Josh Robinson led a week of drumming with students from Freire Charter Middle School and Hill-Freedman World Academy, joined by guests Shavon Norris, movement artist; Yolanda Wisher, poet; and Andrew Lipke on keys and sound production.

So much of what the artists do during that week is make space for young people – space to try something new, space to express their own ideas, space to connect with each other.

Space that is safe, thoughtful, engaging. Space that is theirs.

There’s not room for ego when you’re making space. There’s not room for barriers or walls. Privilege and power need to move out of the way and make room for unheard voices to speak out.

Making space should be expansive. Open. Inviting.

And what did the young people from Freire and Hill-Freedman accomplish in that space?

Rising to meet challenges.

Thanks for supporting LiveConnections as we make space.
Melinda Steffy
Melinda Steffy
Executive Director

“If I hate this color, why do I wear it?
Is it because I see it in me?
This is the color of my shoes.
It’s the color of my pants.
It’s the color of my hijab.
It’s also the color of me.

But lowkey, I love this color
But I try to hide it because
This color is like me”

-Asha King, Freire Charter School