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Maya de Vitry stops by the Lounge 5.25.22
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Maya de Vitry stops by the Lounge 5.25.22

May 19, 2022
by Britt Rizzo

Introspective singer-songwriter Maya de Vitry is stopping by the Lounge this coming Wednesday in support of her new album Violet Light. Maya first appeared on the scene in 2012 as a founding member of indie-folk busker band The Stray Birds. Since then, she’s released three solo records solidifying her spot as a versatile singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Tickets to see Maya de Vitry (of The Stray Birds) with Alexa Rose in the Lounge on May 25th are available here.

You’re playing WCL in support of your newest album Violet Light. What is it like to get a chance to play these songs?

It feels really amazing to bring the songs to life in a live setting, with this great band. On stage, I’ve been feeling more at the moment than ever, more present, because I understand more fully now how we can’t really count on anything on our calendar happening… we just have to do our best each night and give it our all while we are in that moment.

The last time you played Philly was back in 2019. Do you have any spots you’re looking forward to checking out a while back in the city?

If we get a chance, we are going to try to get to town early and go to the Mütter Museum. It’s such a fascinating place – I was telling my bandmates about it and they were really intrigued!

We heard you’re celebrating a birthday the day before your show in the Lounge – how do you celebrate your birthday while out on the road?

I’m going to probably eat a whole box of strawberries. That would be a great birthday. Shelby Means, the bass player in this lineup, also has a birthday on this tour – and we actually just got to pass through my hometown, where my mom made us an early birthday cake and we blew out some candles!