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The Trans-Canada Highwaymen

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Doors: 6:30pm | Show: 8pm
$35 - $55 advance + day of show


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The Trans-Canada Highwaymen (TCH) is a super group (your words - not mine) consisting of Moe Berg (TPOH), Chris Murphy (Sloan), Craig Northey (Odds) and Steven Page (Ex-Barenaked Ladies). Four guys who have known each other for (ahem) decades now all of whom have written songs that have contributed to Canadian culture.

They started playing shows together as TCH in 2017. At the shows, each take turns singing their own hit songs and whoever is not singing lead becomes the backing band for whoever is singing. With all four bringing their A material, itʼs a set list full of bangers.

Everyone who has seen the show has been knocked out. Audiences get the opportunity to hear a setlist full of Can-Rock Classics and it also gives Moe, Chris, Craig and Steven a opportunity to hang out together, laugh their heads off and put that energy into the TCH live shows.

In keeping with their credo, “Play the hits!”, TCH have recorded an album of Canadian classics from 1969-1975 called The Trans-Canada Highwaymen Explosive Hits Vol. 1.The songs from that era and the packaging theyʼve created are an homage to the K-Tel compilation records of the 1970ʼs.

On this album, youʼll hear Steven sing “Undun" (The Guess Who), "Rock Me Gently" (Andy Kim) and "(I Believe) Thereʼs Nothing Stronger Than Our Love” (Paul Anka). Youʼll hear Craig sing "Tonite is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love” (April Wine), "Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter” (Chester), "Heartbeat, Itʼs a Lovebeat” (The DeFranco Family) and "Canʼt Catch Me” (BIM). Youʼll hear Chris sing "Lovinʼ You Ainʻt Easy” (Michel Pagliaro), "Which Way You Goinʼ Billy?” (The Poppy Family) and "Carry Me” (The Stampeders). Youʼll hear Moe sing "Pretty Lady” (Lighthouse), "Raised on Robbery” (Joni Mitchell) and "You, Me and Mexico” (Edward Bear). As a bonus TCH added the Steven Page penned, "Theme from Trans-Canada Highwaymen", which offers some context for how TCH came to be.

Steven explains:
Craig and I were on the road
Hoping my album would explode
But it didnʼt, yet again
Got a call from Jim Millan
With this idea for a band
Like some CanRock Highwaymen
He said heʼd try to book a show
For me and Chris and Craig and Moe
We can see what happens then
Just when things were looking bleak
Look out flavour of the week
Iʼm out playing with my friends
On the Trans-Canada
Trans-Canada Highway, baby
Iʼm a Trans-Canada
Trans-Canada Highwayman

The TCH live show will include songs from Explosive Hits Vol. 1but the emphasis of the TCH live show will still be the the songs these guys have written.

Donʼt worry, youʼll still hear Moe sing "Iʼm An Adult Now", "Hard to Laugh" and "She's So Young". Youʼll still hear Chris sing “Underwhelmed", "The Other Man" and "The Rest of My Life". Youʼll still hear Craig sing "It Falls Apart", "Someone Who's Cool" and "Make You Mad". Youʼll still hear Steven sing "The Old Apartment", "Brian Wilson" and “Jane".

And you know what Vol. 1 means …